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Originally Iam from Russia, I left my home country many years ago to live and work in the Maldives, a tiny and gorgeous tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Later on, that’s where I met my husband and I eventually followed him to bustling Bangkok, where he was transferred. After getting married and giving birth to our daughter Salma, we have settled in the resort town of Agadir, Morocco.

Living in Morocco is exciting; there is never a dull moment here. I have fallen in love with this North African country – its marketplaces, its people, and its way of life. That’s why I decided to write this blog.



Vibrant and rich in culture, Morocco is a stunning country. With an intermingling of scents, sights, tastes, and sounds, Morocco has an interesting juxtaposition of cultures because it has been ruled by different groups throughout the years such as the French, the Spanish, the Romans, the Berbers, Arabs, and Jews.

All of these have shaped Morocco into the diverse area that it is today. Many people don’t realize this: this country has a huge diversity in weather, seasons, and landscape.

I’ve got to say that never in my life have I imagined that I will ever live in this nation. Now that I am part of one big Moroccan family, I have a desire to share this beautiful country and its uniqueness to the rest of the world. I want to share not only its beauty but also the cultural differences and mentality of the nation.

Aside from sharing my experiences about living here in Morocco, including the many beautiful languages that this country has, here are other topics that I am planning to share through this blog:

The different places and different cities where I’ve been to
Food recipes
Beauty secrets
My observations about the world

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